Statement Concerning the Ongoing Attacks on Alison Collins

Our many Asian American & Pacific Islander communities are hurt, angry & grieving this week. Those of us who are Asian/Pacific Islander ask that our pain not be used as a wedge to further harm or pit API and Black communities against each other by a racist recall effort. Commissioner Alison Collins has been one of the few consistent anti-racist voices among politicians in this city. Commissioner Collins has been in solidarity with API communities in our school district and done the work in sponsoring resolutions for Art Equity, Equity Studies, and an API student led mental health initiative. She works tirelessly to hold SFUSD accountable in implementing these and other important resolutions including the Vietnamese language pathway and a resolution to audit school libraries and ensure representation of Asian American narratives. The opportunistic targeting of Commissioner Collins distracts from the national conversation around addressing Anti-API and Anti-Black hate. Furthermore, we want to highlight and remember how API and Black communities have historically and are currently working together in solidarity with each other against white racism. We continue to grieve even as we support Commissioner Collins, and we call on all San Francisco leaders to focus on healing and deepening efforts to address systemic racism in our schools

To read Commissioner Collins’ medium article in her own words, go here

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In solidarity,

  1. Diana Pang, SFUSD Graduate/ Community Worker
  2. Nick Cho, SFUSD parent,, and social media personality known as @YourKoreanDad
  3. Shanti Singh
  4. Mers Tran — VietUnity*
  5. Pamela Lee, Richmond District Rising*
  6. Don Misumi, Richmond District Rising*
  7. Virginia Marshall, San Francisco Alliance of Black School Educators
  8. Thomas Brown, Wealth and Disparities in the Black Community
  9. Tim Huey — *Staff Alum of: Asian Law Caucus, SF Rising, Center for Asian American Media, Frameline, and Lenora Lee Dance Company, SF Community Member
  10. Diane Gray
  11. Geoffrea Morris, Black Community Activist
  12. Mary Lohoury, African-American Parent Advisory Council and Kababayan member
  13. Sourichanh Chanthyasack
  14. Wendy Yau, Trellis Education*
  15. Jordan Davis, Transgender Rights Activist
  16. Sona Nguye, Technology Teacher
  17. Karina Hwang, SFUSD Teacher*, Teachers 4 Social Justice*
  18. Alexis Beglinger, SFUSD Teacher*
  19. Shona Mitchell, SFUSD Teacher*
  20. Nicole Hsu, SFUSD Teacher and Parent
  21. Annie Phan, SFUSD Teacher
  22. Terrance Amsler, SFUSD teacher and member Teachers 4 Social Justice*
  23. Tara Ramos, Teachers 4 Social Justice*, SFUSD teacher and parent*
  24. Karen Zapata, Teachers 4 Social Justice*
  25. Cady Sitkin, Teachers 4 Social Justice*
  26. Maureen Sullivan, Teachers 4 Social Justice*
  27. Andrew Yeung, Teachers 4 Social Justice, RYSE Center*
  28. Reynaldo L. Dulaney Jr — San Francisco Unified School District (Ethnic Studies Teacher)
  29. Geoffrey Kent, Teacher, SFUSD
  30. Jeremy Lindberg, Teacher, SFUSD
  31. Toni Allen, Teacher, SFUSD
  32. Jeremiah Jeffries, Teacher, SFUSD
  33. Fakhra Shah, Teacher, Mission High School
  34. Nancypili Hernandez — Educator, SF CA
  35. Armon Kasmai, Teacher
  36. Thomas Reddy, Teacher
  37. Aimee Riechel, Teacher
  38. Verga Cabeza, Stop Hate/SFUSD parent*
  39. Celestina Pearl, SFUSD parent and volunteer at BVHM
  40. Elissa Yan, Special Educator
  41. Melanie Buntichai, SFUSD/Roosevelt Middle School*
  42. Vriana Kempster, SFUSD*
  43. Arisa Hiroi, SFUSD*
  44. Angelina Romano, SFUSD, School social worker
  45. Crystal Carrillo, SFUSD TSA
  46. Kristia Castrillo, SFUSD TSA
  47. Terrance Amsler, SFUSD teacher and member Teachers 4 Social Justice*
  48. Kaylah Truss, SFUSD teacher
  49. Madisen, SFUSD student
  50. Patricia Daugherty, SFUSD Special Education Teacher
  51. Virginia L. Auletta, SFUSD Parent*
  52. Edward Okun, SFUSD Parent*
  53. Sophie Rich, SFUSD parent*
  54. Scott Bravmann, SFUSD Parent*
  55. Allyson Eddy Bravmann, SFUSD Parent and PEEF CAC Member*
  56. Cari Cymanski, SFUSD Parent and 3rd Grade Teacher, Sanchez Elementary, SFUSD
  57. Carissa Lopez, SFUSD Parent
  58. Sarah Wilson, SFUSD Parent
  59. Dr. Kim-Shree Maufas, SFUSD Grandparent & Former SFUSD Board of Education Commissioner
  60. Allyson Lam, SFUSD Graduate/Teacher*
  61. Sam Lew, SFUSD graduate
  62. Deanne Liu, SFUSD graduate
  63. Vivian Tong, SFUSD Graduate
  64. Thomas Reddy, SFUSD graduate
  65. Cat Reyes, SFUSD Educator*
  66. Irene Rohrs-Bennett, SFUSD Educator*
  67. Robert Roth, SFUSD educator*
  68. Sarah Brant, SFUSD Educator*
  69. Elizabeth Hubbard, SFUSD educator*
  70. Karla Leon Guerrero, SFUSD Educator and Parent*
  71. Chalida Anusasananan, SFUSD educator & T4SJ member
  72. Bianca Woods, SFUSD Educator
  73. Angela Torres, SFUSD educator
  74. James Sword, SFUSD alumnus and parent
  75. Amelia Bjorklund, SFUSD Alumna & Teacher*
  76. Tami Bryant, SFUSD Alum/Alums’ Parent
  77. Laurel Muniz, SFUSD Alum
  78. Gerard Gleason, SFUSD Alum
  79. Pirette McKamey, SFUSD Administrator*
  80. Joe Truss, SFUSD Administrator
  81. Vida K, SFUSD & Lowell alumni
  82. Alba Akrabawi, SFUSD — TSA
  83. Asija Chappel, SFUSD
  84. Sarah Gleason, SFUSD
  85. Jamie Navarro, SFUSD
  86. Ryan Swick, SFUSD
  87. Carol Lima, SFUSD
  88. Lisa Chen, SFUSD
  89. Mira Carberry, SFUSD
  90. Claire Puretz, SFUSD
  91. Andres Marti, SFUSD
  92. Gina Bissell, SFUSD
  93. Marna Wolak, SFUSD
  94. Nina Garga, UCSF*
  95. Leena Yin, UCSF*
  96. Brittany Howze, UCSF*
  97. Deborah Yip, UCSF*
  98. Arun Burra, UCSF*
  99. Grace Apuy, SF resident
  100. Camille Seiberling, SF Parent and Business Owner
  101. Erica Zeeig, SF D4 Resident and parent
  102. Adam Kim, SF Berniecrats & Milk Club member*
  103. Brandon Harami, SF Berniecrats
  104. Valerie Forero, SF
  105. Colin Kimzey, SEIU 1021 member*
  106. Arman Liwanag, San Francisco State University*
  107. Al Sargent, San Francisco resident
  108. Tom Anderson, Rsp teacher
  109. Lenore Kenny, Retired SFUSD teacher
  110. Winnie Porter, Retired SFUSD Bilingual teacher/parent, SF Berniecrats
  111. Louis Shinn, Resident D1
  112. Zoe Kelman, PDA, DSA, and SF Berniecrats*
  113. Brian Lin, Parent at San Francisco
  114. Suz Dehne, Parent of SFUSD Alum + Volunteer
  115. Mary Ignatius, Parent
  116. Sam Murphy, Parent
  117. Karin Little, Parent
  118. Kelly Walsh
  119. Chela Delgado, OUSD teacher
  120. Ryan Nakano, Nichi Bei Weekly*, Community Education Partnerships*
  121. Rori Abernethy, Math Teacher SFUSD and Induction Coach
  122. Ho Nguyen, Math and CS and Math Program Administrator
  123. Bivett Brackett, Lowell High School Alumni
  124. Yvonne Burton-Smith, Lowell Alumnus
  125. Elizabeth Hermens, local citizen
  126. Giulio Sorro, June Jordan High School, Internal National Hotel
  127. Phyra M., JD, MPH
  128. Lydia Nichols-Russell, Informal Educator*
  129. Mari Villaluna, Incoming SFUSD Parent
  130. Raya Steier, Harvey Milk LGBTQ Democratic Club*
  131. Brad Chapin, Harvey Milk LGBTQ Democratic Club*
  132. Kenna Cate, Graduate of Lowell High School
  133. Natalie Fong, Former SFUSD student
  134. Lenore Chinn, Former San Francisco Human Rights Commissioner
  135. Joe Wilson, Executive Director, Hospitality House*
  136. Keegan Medrano, Educator of SFUSD students*
  137. Chris Collins, Developer and Loving Husband
  138. Saki Minamimoto, Daycare owner
  139. Ralph Lane, D4 Resident
  140. Angela Der Ramos, CTA PAAC Vice Chair
  141. Melissa Hernandez, Community Organizer
  142. Anna Yeung, community member
  143. Brandee Marckmann, Chair, School Site Council, Sutro Elementary School*
  144. Julie Roberts-Phung
  145. Barbara Lin
  146. Helen Lee
  147. Willie B. Hardigan
  148. Alex Chen
  149. Tara Bishop
  150. Trips Sharma
  151. Tamika Bryant
  152. Shana Kim
  153. Sasha Harris-Cronin
  154. Vic Fong
  155. Syona Hurst
  156. Fiona Ordway
  157. Penny Nakatsu
  158. Leanne Maxwell
  159. Lucia Obregon
  160. Tatiana Acosta
  161. Carmen Chen
  162. Tracy Avila
  163. Talia Johnson
  164. Yeji Jung
  165. Angelina Liu
  166. Tracy Gao
  167. Elisa Han
  168. Nevin Chin
  169. Stanton Li
  170. Heather Murdoch
  171. Hadassah Levy
  172. A. Wright
  173. Shelley Kuang
  174. Laura Shannon
  175. Francisco Asmaeil
  176. Leilani Ishaan
  177. Rionda Batiste, SFUSD Parent
  178. Anu Oza
  179. Angela Davis
  180. Dylan Yep
  181. Kelly Walsh
  182. Robyn A
  183. Emilly Rodriguez
  184. Michael Friedman
  185. Adee Horn
  186. Daniel Seiberling
  187. Alvin Lee
  188. Dana Hopkins
  189. Gitouf Elnema
  190. Reiko Ando
  191. aMy anderson
  192. Julian LaRosa
  193. Jennifer Hein deMause
  194. Deirdre Elmansoumi
  195. Zakiyah Davis
  196. Arienne Adamcikova
  197. Natasha Hazer
  198. Austin Truong
  199. Laura Ramirez, Buena Vista Horace Mann, SFUSD educator
  200. Stephanie Wong-You, concerned community member
  201. Ravi Chandra, M.D., Community Psychiatrist
  202. Becca Klarin, SFUSD Parent
  203. Carissa Lopez, SFUSD Parent
  204. Yasmir Navas-Boudreau, SFUSD Teacher
  205. Mers Tran, VietUnity,* SF Resident and Tutor for SFUSD Students
  206. Robert Stern, SFUSD Alumni
  207. Christine Wei, Taiwanese SF resident
  208. Camille Seiberling — SF Parent and Business Owner
  209. Laura Shannon
  210. Deanne Liu — SFUSD graduate
  211. Arman Liwanag — San Francisco State University*
  212. Melanie Kim — Asian Law Caucus*
  213. L Sharp
  214. Madeline Cho — SFUSD SAC Rep & GWHS Senior
  215. Bryce Milholin
  216. Andrea R Parker*
  217. Christina Brown
  218. Eric Guthertz SFUSD
  219. Haena lee
  220. John Jones — Member of Public
  221. Taffany Davis — SFABSE
  222. Olivia McArthur — SFUSD
  223. Camille Seiberling — Owner of Mabuhay Boutique in SF
  224. Maggie F — SFUSD
  225. Elena Finestone — San Francisco resident
  226. Talia Moore — n/a but SFUSD alumni and child of SFUSD educator
  227. Molly Zhao
  228. Amber Cady — Parent
  229. Tiff Lam
  230. Jane Bahk — Parent*
  231. Artemis Smith — Lowell High School Alum
  232. Charlotte Peterson — SFUSD
  233. Lauren Jewett — Chaplain, Clergy member
  234. Millie Hansen — Asian American teacher/tutor
  235. Lisa Dean — BVHM
  236. Laura Ramirez — BVHM
  237. Stephanie Wong-You
  238. Ravi Chandra, M.D. — Community Psychiatrist
  239. Becca Klarin
  240. Carissa Lopez — FUSD Parent
  241. Yasmir Navas-Boudreau — SFUSD Teacher*
  242. Robert Stern — SFUSD Alum
  243. Sarah Kern — SFUSD educator and parent
  244. Karen Field — Teacher
  245. Krishan Patel
  246. Emily Jones — Finance Director, new organization to groom Congressional candidates
  247. Lisa Bishop — SFUSD Teacher Librarian
  248. Jeannette Page — SF community member
  249. Siobhan Norris
  250. Susan Lau
  251. DeBray Carpenter
  252. Ariana Robey-Lawrence — MPhil/Ph.D Candidate, Goldsmiths College
  253. Hannah Shrieve-Lawler — School District Nurse, SFUSD
  254. Julia Schorr-Sherer — SFUSD*
  255. Kenya Garrett — Global Director
  256. Annie Bartkowski — SFUSD Teacher*
  257. Kyle Navarro — SFUSD*
  258. Mallory Keller
  259. Rori Abernethy — SFUSD Teacher
  260. Allyson Ritger
  261. Ayana Thompson — SFUSD
  262. Hyunny kwon
  263. AJ Cho — Bay Area resident and eternal student at heart
  264. Taica Hsu — SFUSD Educator*
  265. Hali Reiskin — Former SFUSD AFY PA President 2016–2018, SFUSD Alumni
  266. Aimee Riechel — SFUSD Teacher
  267. Allison Matamoros — K-8, SFUSD* Teacher
  268. Kelly Truong — SFUSD Student
  269. Regina s islas — SF citizen supporting solidarity & restorative justice
  270. Grace Gould — SFUSD educator, SFUSD parent and SFUSD Alumnus
  271. Maxine Lewis — Concerned black woman & Independent Voter
  272. Emmett Chen-Ran — Community member
  273. Nicole Christian — Psychiatry
  274. Misa Joo — PACAlliance. Pacific Asian American Alliance — Retired educator
  275. Dayna Rose — Educator & former SFUSD Induction Coach, Former SFUSD Educator
  276. Margarita Renn — Educator
  277. Doris Lin, Esq. — Co-chair, NJ Democratic State Committee Progressive Caucus* USC Law alum
  278. Miriam Hennig — USF, Teacher Ed Grad
  279. Amber Yada — SFUSD Parent, student, UC Berkeley
  280. Robert Monroe Jr — concerned citizen
  281. Eugine Jung — Parent
  282. Grace So — community member
  283. Tamar Sberlo — SFUSD teacher*